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AnManCon or the Animal Management Conference is the 1st conference to target AnMan at the FE and HE level. It's an opportunity for delivery staff & other stakeholders interested, to contribute and network to develop their practice and sector together at a great event. 

 AnManCon allows a mixture of professionals from the animal sector to discuss the training of future professionals. Open the tabs below to find out more.


Meet a range of Industry professionals and representatives and ask the questions you want to ask! Teachers are dual professionals however we know there is always more to learn and update on.  The Industry professionals allow us to update our skills and keep in touch with where we are sending students.


Lecturers, Instructors and those responsible for delivery like you will be in attendance from across the country. This is your chance to discuss teaching methods,  tips and tricks, and trade war stories! And the bonus is your industry links, enrich your programs by networking with those in industry (Wait a few months and they may even do a talk for your students!)


This is this years theme. The panels, workshops and talks will aim to address the topic of "Future-proofing animal management". What does this mean? It aims to challenge our concepts of delivery to prepare our learners for the future. Sustainability, internet skills, emergent topics etc. How are we providing a programme that students can really take away and do something with.


The goal of this event is to bring the animal management sector together. FE delivery staff, Industry, and HE. By shortening the distance of communication, we can truly work on the sector from the ground up, developing our students, or rather our future animal management professionals.

Some of the organisations and speakers we are working with:

*‘T-LEVELS’ is a registered trademark of the Department for Education and ‘T Level’ is a registered trade mark of the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

This is the only event BY those involved in teaching Animal Management, specifically FOR people involved in the education and training of future Animal Management professionals, and those with an interest in them!

Some of our speakers!

Have a look at some of our speakers! This is not all of them as we have a great group coming down to deliver training to the animal management community. Head to the Speakers page or click HERE for a full overview of some of the people you will meet at the AnManCon!

Nicky Plaskitt

"Shaping Behaviour"

‘Shaping Behaviour’ was created to share knowledge and develop keeper skills and now Nicky travels the UK and overseas working with animal keepers and caregivers of all levels to help them boost their animal training skills and understand the science behind positive reinforcement, choice-based training. 

Contact info:


Facebook: Shaping Behaviour

Instagram: @nickyshapingbehaviour

Rhys Williams

"Remembering the Level and Dual professionalism"

Rhys is currently employed as a lecturer and team lead (vocational Stroud) as SGS College. He enjoys his job that includes helping to mange the onsite animal collection which has been undergoing expansion in the last few years, and always welcomes the opportunity to work with other organisations, enjoying working collaboratively as a consultant when time allows. 

Linkedin: Rhys Ap-Gwilym Williams 

Dr. Matt Hartley MRCVS

"Implementing legislative requirements into animal operations - Driving best practice"

Consultancy Services for Zoos, Wildlife Parks and Local Authorities for zoo management, welfare and housing

Contact info


Facebook: zoo and wildlife solutions

Joe Cooke

"College Collection Collaboration and Driving Animal Unit Success"

Joe will be talking about the work he is doing with UKACT, the importance of collaboration between college collections and the need for us to demonstrate best practice to our students and aim to be ahead of the industry and not trailing behind. Joe is passionate about college facilities, future-proofing animal management, and trailblazing this concept publicly. He will also outline his findings from surveying the sectors animal unit facilities.

Facebook: UK Animal Care Technicians (UKACT)

Rosie Smith

"Scaffolding for success; ensuring all achieve"

Rosie has been teaching since 2010, with a career break to work as an "animal education host"  and volunteer at The Raptor Foundation from 2018-2020. Her previous roles include specialist leader of education and subject lead. She is relatively new to FE and Animal Science having joined Nottingham College in Autumn 2021, where she is an Advanced Practitioner and Lecturer. Rosie will be using hedgehogs in her talk as a model for scaffolding.


Dr. Charlotte Henry MRCVS

‘Animal First Aid – What to do in an emergency’

‘Health Checking – What your students need to know from the Veterinary industry perspective

Charlotte’s key interests are the role of VCAs, vet nurses and veterinary surgeons in practice, pathology and disease, and pharmacology.

Her talks hope to bridge the gap between what is learnt in the classroom, and what is essential in industry.

Sarah Cocks

"T-Level update for Land based industries"

Sarah looks after the vast range of qualifications found within the land portfolio, covering everything from dog grooming to floristry Prior to taking up the role as technical advisor, Sarah worked as a consultant for City and Guilds, culminating in her becoming a principal moderator and principal examiner for the technical qualifications in animal care. 

Ricky Johnson

"Herptile Heat & Light; We need to know it before they can "

Ricky joined the international admin team of the Facebook group Advancing Herpetological Husbandry (AHH) in 2015. An education & welfare organisation that runs annual cross border husbandry conferences. He has since worked for 5 years as an animal care technician and has recently made the move to becoming a lecturer in FE. On the side Ricky also runs the youtube channel "Herp HQ"!

Youtube Channel: Herp HQ - YouTube 

Facebook: Herp HQ | Facebook 

Facebook: Advancing Herpetological Husbandry | Facebook 


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